Difficulty Concentrating? How I Learned to Stay Focused!

Many things in life are illogical. But there is one thing I find extremely hard to comprehend. The art of focusing on the things that matter for success and happiness.

For some, it’s a top-notch college education. For others, it’s becoming a super-athlete who can reach through a needle. For me, it’s been about building my own business and living life on my own terms. And it wasn’t easy. It’s been a constant battle with myself and my confused mind. And this fight had two main disciplines.

Starting Out

To motivate me

In 2014, I was in my fifth year as a phone supporter. Horrible!

Nothing worked for me. There was also nothing to look forward to. My life was going into an asshole job to earn a dime to fund my life. But I got pushed into the things I knew were important. To make my own. Something I had been considering for 2-3 years. So it took 3 years to start. And that was clearly due to severe concentration issues.

Difficulty focusing on what it takes to start. Difficulty sitting on my face and focusing on my desire to leave a job and life I disliked. When I finally figured out what was going on, I started my new project. A year later, I was sitting on the 16th floor of an apartment in Northern Australia. That is, I had discovered concentration. And it went. Faster!

Inability to Focus and Stay Active

I’ve been writing articles for years. Articles about men’s fashion, lifestyle, and other topics that interest me. I enjoy writing. It has a meditative effect on me at times. But then the issues reappeared. I had long been bothered by problems related to concentration. I couldn’t keep up. Writing an article was difficult for me. Even though I had plenty of interesting material and ideas.

A little pixie was almost whispering into my ear, “Would you rather not drink a beer with friends?” And Santa usually won me over. My inability to concentrate became so minor that I jumped at any excuse to avoid straining my little head. This had a natural outcome. My business did not see the same growth. So did my earnings and motivation.

My Methods for Concentrating

Clearly, I am not the only one who struggles to focus. Not in 2020, with the gentleman’s small smart phone acting as a permanent hand prosthesis. On the phone, there’s always something exciting. New alerts. Instagram photos from friends on tour. Name it! But, you wonder, what is my anti-concentration tool? I have more!

However, these tools may not be suitable for all. It all depends on your job, age, etc.

When I work, I never leave my phone alone. I turn it off and remove it from the office. In other words, it doesn’t constantly vibrate in me, hoping for something exciting to happen. In 2020, the telephone is by far the most distracting device. I give myself one specific task to begin. So I don’t get overwhelmed and paralyzed by my to-do list. This has been my major issue. Things seem out of control, and concentrating becomes impossible. Motion. I know I sound like another retired Aabenraa lifestyle coach, but a brisk run improves concentration and focus. It need not be a jog. Everything that raises the pulse eases concentration. Running is the best solution for me.

These three tools were priceless to me. It has kept me going. It has given me financial security and the freedom I have always desired.

My Concentration Cheat Tool

But I must admit that one more tool has helped me focus. But, as the saying goes, whatever works!

Modigliani. So, what?

So, you have the long and short explanations. In short, Modafinil is a supplement that enhances your ability to focus. Modafinil was created in the 1960s to treat narcolepsy. Narcolepsy causes you to sleep both in and out of time. Reasonably impractical, but irrelevant.

It has been proven that Modafinil is quite effective when it comes to sitting on its surface and getting something done. Modafinil eliminates all distractions, like wiping a school board clean after 2 hours of math lessons. The US FDA has approved Modafinil as a recreational aid for people who do not have narcolepsy as well. I threw myself into it based on this and my own far more in-depth research.

You can read a detailed article about my experience with Modafinil here. So I won’t go into what, where, and why. But I can tell you that Modafinil is the reality pill. Imagine a super-brain pill in the Limitless movie with Bradley Cooper. Reality’s Modafinil isn’t quite as miraculous, but it does provide some important benefits for those of us who have trouble concentrating. In fact, Modafinil is an effective treatment for ADHD, which many of us suffer from.

I had to include Modafinil because it helped me live the life I desired in 2014. Since I wrote about my experience with Modafinil, I’ve received hundreds of thank you emails from people who have finally found a tool that works.

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