The Azores are Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination

Have you visited Azores? Have you heard of the Azores? Possibly.

But the Azores are still a hidden green oasis in the middle of the Atlantic. We were fortunate to visit the Azores, a group of nine islands that offer a variety of experiences depending on which island you visit. Most visitors go to So Miguel, the largest island, with Ponta Delgada as its capital. We only visited So Miguel, but it was enough to make our trip memorable.

Why Visit the Azores?

The short answer is that the Azores are unique in the world. Like the world’s largest (and most beautiful) botanical garden. It is as if the entire island is one big botanical garden, tended to by 10,000 gardeners. But there are no gardeners, which is fascinating. On the islands, nature has a way of making everything look perfectly manicured. How lovely.

Why Are You in Azores?

You appreciate life. Being in the Azores is a unique experience. It gives a unique sense of freedom. I don’t think it’s the idea of staying on a lush volcanic island thousands of kilometers from the mainland. It’s like Hawaii, but better. There are no drunk Americans or commercial tourism here. Tourism in the Azores is a relatively new phenomenon. Going back to 2015, only one airline operated flights to the Azores: Tap Air. Visiting the islands became a bit more difficult.

In the same year, low-cost carriers like Ryan Air and EasyJet had their locks opened. Now there are direct flights to several European and American cities. In the Azores, nature is sucked deep into the lungs. The air is superb. We spent four days on So Miguel, doing a tour of the island with relevant stops. It resulted in four videos, which you can see here.

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