A warm welcome to the website of one of the finest pubs in Britain. For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting us in person, we hope that the Newman Arms website will keep you updated on what we have planned.

For those who haven’t yet paid us a visit…well…what are you waiting for?!

At present, we continue to concentrate on getting the basics right. That means simple food (beautifully made), accompanied by the drinks that we love. Our selection of real and craft aims continues to expand accordingly.

The introduction of grilled items on our menu is intended to supplement our award-winning pieces. It’s probably best, however, if we allow Penny to explain:

“The addition of these extra dishes to the menu hasn’t been taken lightly. We know how much our regulars love their pies and we wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t dilute the existing offering. But grilled dishes enable us to expand our repertoire, maintaining that core focus on simplicity.

Experimenting with various dishes started in as basic a means as you can probably imagine. We started out by buying a humble toaster. That’s right, not even a commercial selection!

Who knew that there were so many to choose from? I was used to making use of a standard Dualit 2-slice toaster at home, but it seems that the world of toast had long since moved on. As well as 4-slice options, there are all sorts of added functions now, from defrost options to various tools to make things easier.

Dualit are still around and still seem to be highly rated, from what I could see when reading toaster reviews online. But they have plenty of competition from the likes of Smeg, Kitchen Aid, Breville, Bosch and various other manufacturers. The Kenwood toaster reviews pointed me in that direction and that’s what I ended up with.

I then set to work on experimenting with toasting various loaves (or slices from them) to work out my base creations. It’s taken about six months to go from that initial stage to food that I believe is good enough to serve to customers. We now using commercial grills too, of course, having moved on from that initial experimentation.

So the food’s ready for you. The recipes are perfect. Now we’d love you to experience them…come and join us!”