12 Things Life Is Too Short For…

Life is also shorter than you think. But many of us waste our lives. Things that rob time and joy. Our subconscious controls most of our life choices. Bad habits require conscious action, but let’s focus on some of the things life is too short for.

Constant Worry

Worry is by far the greatest thief of time and joy. Worry is almost always rumbling in your head. It can be about work, finances, or a larger issue. What happens to me? Ever reach my goals? What if I don’t improve my grades and can’t get into my dream school? Otherwise, go on.

Worrying isn’t always a bad thing. It means one values life. It’s important that worry doesn’t take over. The simplest way to determine whether a concern is justified is to look at the situation rationally.

A Bad Relationship

Making the active decision to thank your partner this time is difficult.

I don’t need to know everything about people’s relationships. Many people have healthy and loving relationships, but there are also many lovers and married couples where the security element is the relationship’s life support. It’s a shame because you end up spending your life with someone you don’t want to.

But how do you say no when the other side of the relationship is a lonely single life? Finding a new partner is difficult. What if you don’t find anyone? What a scary thought. However, it can also be seen positively. What if I find the one I’ve always wanted? Tinder helped me find my soulmate, Amalie.

Yes, dating sites can be profitable. It’s just about having the right memory. People’s general attitude towards online dating always shocks me. “It’s just losers who can’t figure out how to meet people in real life,” they say. No, these are real people you meet. The benefit of online dating is that you can meet more of them because you do not have to meet them in person.

Depending on who you are, age group, preferences and so on, I highly recommend that you give online dating a try. If you’re unsure where to begin, I recommend Dating Pilot, which provides an overview of all pages. It’s easier to step right. Success!

Every Night Watching TV

It’s not fair to him to spend his life every night in front of the remover. It’s just a harmless hobby with no real value. It’s fine to watch TV and possibly a few series. Most work 8 hours. So one should value leisure time and spend it on more productive activities.

To Be Scared

In the article We die soon anyway, I explore the idea that we might as well take a chance since we have nothing to lose. It’s absurd for him to be scared all his life. So what? That’s easier said than done. You can’t just say “I’m no longer scared”. It takes more time and effort, but it is possible. It has made me more confident, relaxed, and most importantly, happy.

Instead of Not Settling

A parallel can be drawn to point two (being in a wrong relationship). Why accept this in life? This mindset has gradually sunk into my brain. It’s liberating because it’s easier to say no. I’d rather not have it if I can’t have it. Trying to be the best works for me because it makes me work hard. To get the best, I have to be the best. It doesn’t always work, but it’s faster.


Why carry negative energy? What good does it do to be enraged for a long time? Carrying grudges is not the best option. The alternative is to remove the issue from the world. Talk to them about your feelings and how you see the situation. Sometimes an apology cleans the air. If not, it is a good way to discover a person’s true identity and thus thank them for now. Associated with discounters is unnecessary.

To Always be Frugal

That doesn’t mean you should punish your overdraft or use it for payday loans. It’s about living. Will you buy a jacket? So buy the jacket you want, not a cheap compromise. Quality trumps quantity. Spending money on something you really want makes you happier, in my opinion. I’m not saying material things bring happiness, but they do help. Increasing consumption also increases motivation to work harder, at least for me.

Saving money on necessities like a smartphone, computer, or bed is something I’ve never understood. Why pay 3000 kroner for a phone you want for 5? Why buy a cheap tablet instead of an iPad? A third of your life is spent in bed, so why buy a cheap one? We should never compromise material goods that we use daily. Life’s too short.

Buy Cheap Beer and Soda

Buying cheap beer and soda is a good example of eternal thrift. Life is too short for that. If you allow yourself a cheat day, make sure you choose the good stuff. Why settle for cheap beer and soda when you can enjoy the best that the UK has to offer.

Disregarding your Passion

It’s been said a few times. Follow your dreams, etc. Following his passion is almost a given. But it’s clear that not everyone does. Far away. Following one’s passion can be difficult because what if one’s passion is basement puppetry? What if it’s Lego towns? What can be done with the internet is almost limitless. A super niche passion does not mean there is no market.

Life is too short to waste it on something you don’t care about.

To Improve one’s Reputation

Remember Tyler Durden’s Fight Club quote?

We spend money on things we don’t need.

We spend our lives nurturing our external image. Show the world what we can do. And how well it is going. Many examples exist, from the mother buying expensive Ralph Lauren clothes for her 4-year-old son to the gentleman posing on Instagram for a free upgrade to business class (well, who wouldn’t).

It’s fine to show progress, but if the goal is to indirectly persuade others that “I’m cool enough”, you’re wasting time and resources. Who cares if people misunderstand you? If people misunderstand who I am due to prejudice, I don’t want to associate with them.

Waiting for the Light to Turn Green in a Pedestrian Area With No Cars

Every day, I marvel at people’s authority. There can be ten people waiting for it to turn green, even if there are no cars or cyclists nearby. Some may choose to use common sense, but most people prefer to wait for the green light.

I agree that going against the light is illegal, but if there are no cars, there will be no cops. A human waits for the green light for 40 hours a year. This equates to over two days. You’ve spent a month being stupidly law-abiding in 15 years. Can’t we all agree that life is too short for that? The 40 hours can be cut in half with common sense.

News to Watch

We won’t be back for a year before I’m glued to the News. It was vital for me to follow politics and news. To watch debates and hurl beer capsules at the TV when politicians express stupid ideas.

I finally realized that following politics and the news is a waste of time. Nothing can be changed. And what good does knowing about Middle Eastern bombings do you? What does it matter if a slaughterhouse has to fire 150 employees? Watching the news is a waste of time and energy. Like project puppet theater.

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