7 fun and Different Garden Games

Are you and your friends ready to have fun when large steaks are grilled on the grill in the European summer?

So you’ve probably played Viking games and round ball. If you think the classic outdoor activities are becoming too predictable, keep reading. I’ve found a few fun and unique outdoor games to freshen up your road party.

Lawn Games

A classic men’s game

This is where you throw axes, hence the game’s name “ax game.” Although not the biggest axes, these are sharp satans that even the heavy Viking must respect. When you and the boys focus on hitting the right points on the wooden board, reminiscent of a dartboard, you will increase testosterone production.

The game is also decorative and can be easily mounted indoors in a manhole or garage if used all year.

The Beer-Loving Party Monkeys’ game

Garden beer pong games

Beer Pong isn’t exactly new, but this mini version is.

The rules are the same, but the technique differs.

The small ball is thrown with a small catapult, which is much harder to control.

No matter who your opponents are, you can bet that a lot of beer will be spilled, so play it in the garden.

The Sports-Loving Outdoor Game


An enjoyable summer game. It’s like volleyball, but with a smaller ball and a lower net. Instead of over a net, the ball is played down the net and up to an opponent. It’s a game where you have to use force to challenge your opponents, and the ball’s direction can be difficult to control. It takes a few minutes to get used to this new ball game, but it’s a blast once you do. The game is also extremely portable and can be set up almost anywhere.

The Family Garden Game

Molkky Games

This game is perfect for fans of Vikings who want a change. Molkky is a garden game that is reminiscent of the classic Viking game but is still unique.

The Rules are different.

In this outdoor game, you must first reach exactly 50 points by throwing after the wooden blocks. It’s difficult after a few beers, because alcohol affects both motor and cognitive skills. But it’s a game the whole family can enjoy.

I like how Mokkly allows you to customize your teams and opponents.

A Tough Garden Game


Strackline is a line that connects two trees, lampposts, or whatever poles you have.

The rules are easy. On the line, you compete. The game is even more fun when combined with alcohol. Instead of smoking out of the game, you had to drink shots every time you fell off, which made for a great party atmosphere.

It also allows you to be creative as you can use it in various settings. Take it on vacation and stretch the strapline over a pool to play the game. There are many options.

The Special Occasion Outdoor Game


Bumper Ball is now a well-known game. It’s the new bachelor party activity for men. Rent all the equipment and host your own barbecue/bumperball party at home. The rules are very similar to football. There’s a chance you’ll be trapped inside a large air bubble, wearing flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

Bumperball is a blast to play, but it’s also a blast to watch.

Gardening for Boys

A Bottler

Unlike beer pong, bottling throws are a blast. The rules are the same. The only difference is that you must throw three rings over your opponent’s bottlenecks. If your ring hits the opponent’s bottlenecks, they must drink (bottoms to be more precise). It’s safe to say it’s a more serious drinking game, as a bottle often holds more than a beer pong cup.

It’s the super laugh, whether it’s a backyard barbecue with the boys or a garden party with the family.

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