How to Protect Yourself From Your Partner’s Stress

Stress Spreads

When your partner’s world crumbles, it’s vital that you step into character, pay attention, and care for them. But being aware of yourself and your needs is crucial. Otherwise, your partner’s stress can affect you, says Psychiatric Foundation chief psychologist Michael R. Danielsen.

“When someone puts pressure on us, we want to be great people and show understanding. But if it continues, you risk being negatively impacted, and you must knock on the table and say, “he adds

Stop and Discuss

Michael R. Danielsen explains that partners of stressed people will feel lonely because they are suddenly left alone on many issues that they were previously two on.

So, he advises you to talk to your partner as soon as you notice a change in their behavior.

“‘I’m worried about you, and I’m not happy with how you feel,’ says Michael R. Danielsen. He adds that when a stressed person’s stressful behaviors start affecting friends and family, it’s often a wake-up call.

Consistently Set Your Own Limits and Boundaries

Stressed people may refuse help, so it’s important to keep communicating with your stressed partner.

“Tell your stressed partner how you feel and set boundaries when necessary,” says Michael R. Danielsen.

Insist on helping even if the other person refuses. Deny a rejection lovingly but consistently so your partner knows you mean well. Helping your partner helps you.

Energize with Something You Like

When stress enters your relationship, you suddenly have a lot on your plate as one person. So remember to recharge with something that can jar your mind. Michael R. Danielsen points out that not having a partner is fine here. For example, go out with friends, see a movie, or take a long hot bath. The point is that you’re doing something you enjoy and that takes your mind off the stressful situation.

While it may seem selfish to take time for yourself while your partner is sick, it is a great way to re-energize. So you get more profits to support him or her, says Michael R. Danielsen: “It is self-help help. Like the old adage goes, you have to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

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