Self-care: 7 Tips to Become Your Own Best Friend

Taking care of yourself means putting your expectations aside and focusing on the activities and interests that offer you pleasure. Being loving and kind to oneself, as well as every part that you may not like.

Here are 7 Self-Care Tips.

You (think) should do so much. The demands are huge:

  • Your studies.
  • Work.
  • A friend. A party.

1. Quit Being a Nutcase!

That need not be the case. No way! Learn to be much more self-aware. Stop hitting yourself over the head with everything you don’t think you’re doing right. Your inner zealot. Instead, think:

  • “Everyone makes mistakes, so I must too.”
  • “No one is perfect.”
  • “I am deserving”

So long as it makes you feel better.

2. Become Your Own Bestie

You scumbag. It chokes you in the spinach! That’s being human. We aren’t superheroes. But maybe you can turn even your smallest mistakes around. Rather, take two steps back: Consider yourself as if you were your best friend. How would you treat a good friend in a similar situation? A good friend who choked and missed? Are you telling him or her that they are a moron who needs 20 smacks with a wet tea towel?

3. Resist Unreasonable Demands from Others

Do you set realistic goals? Or do you need to lower your expectations, perfectionism, and workload? It’s great you want to achieve something. It’s happening. Remember that a day has only 24 hours. There’s only so much you can cram into your calendar… if you want to be happy! Sometimes you have to tell yourself: “Yes, I should probably do this and that… But it’s impossible.”

“Sorry seems to be the hardest word” was a 2000s pop hit. “No seems to be the hardest word” would have been better. Above all, many of us struggle to say no. We prefer to pick and choose. So we lean on until we are pressured, exhausted, or even stressed. These stressors weigh on a person eventually and many guys turn to substances to alleviate the stress. In the end, this doesn’t help much in the long run and is a good way to land yourself in a centre.

4. Do Happy Things

Life is a duty. That’s how it is for all of us. But you must not live a life of duties. Your inner energy bill will run overdraft if you run keep on focusing on the admin. Like a regular bank account, your energy accounts should have a good balance. Like overdrafts, your energy bill is a mess. You will lose money. Getting sick. Sad. So refuel well so you have something to pull on. Incorporate happy, energizing activities into your daily routine. Refuel. Yes, make a plan for how you will fit in all the good things in your life. Put it on your calendar or phone like everything else.

5. Saying No is a Good

Many struggle to say no. So they quickly take on too much that they don’t really want or need to do. Do you want to join the concert? They just nod and say yes. Can’t you help me? No extra shift?

  1. No is hard.
  2. Just want to help?
  3. Maybe you hate missing out.
  4. Maybe you’re afraid of the reaction of others.

But staying in the second, third, or fourth row gets old! You may end up in a deficit and a bad mood. So speak up with courage and strength. It’s not as risky as you think. Do you want to know how to say no well? Check out these 7 tips for setting boundaries.

6. Take Breaks – Preferably Daily

Do you know the days pass? Day gone. So a week…  So much so that you don’t have time to truly feel. Snap away. Do the days and hours seem to fly by? Remember to take breaks to avoid exhaustion. A self-temperature break. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few minutes to relax. It makes a big difference. Just try. also to relax with simple breathing or mindfulness exercises.

7. Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!

Your brain tends to exaggerate your own errors and negative thoughts! Conversely, success and good things shrink. Fortunately, the cure is simple: What you focus on grows! So you must learn to pay more attention to your successes. All your good deeds. And it doesn’t have to be big – just the little things that work, are fun, or are nice.”Yes, I make mistakes… but I have the coolest friends!” Think or say. “I’m not the best at football, but I can play the guitar and bake the best banana cake in town” (or something in the major that you feel good about).

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