John is the founder of the blog, which focuses on men’s fashion and style, and he has a strong interest in advancing the role of men in the fashion business. He maintains a blog not only because he finds it enjoyable, but also so that he can inform others about his experiences. He resides in Portugal and works and travels to bring you the best in what new designers and trends have to offer. In my daily life, I deal with a mix of ideas, concept development, and online marketing. You can take your work with you wherever you go with a Macbook/laptop and the internet.

Why Should You Get Stuck On

If you’ve read a few articles on this site, you’ll know that is aimed at the modern man who values quality and design. This site’s mission includes encouraging a mentality based on the mantra “quality over quantity”.

I think the Brithish have a discount mentality, where volume is more important than consistency. However, it is important to note that quality over quantity does not mean that the most expensive is always the best. It’s all about saving money.

I try to add a new post to every day, within the categories listed at the top of the page. Clothing, shoes, and lifestyle are the three categories that receive the most posts. If you’ve only come for the housing section, don’t feel snubbed; all categories naturally receive attention.

You should be stuck on this page if you want inspiration for your wardrobe, home, or something else.

This website’s articles are all characterized by colorful and varied language based on my own attitude, and let me add that I have an attitude to pretty much everything in life, which is why I am always open to a good debate. Are you a reader with a question I am always willing to answer? We can also find out if you want to collaborate.

In addition to New Man Arms, I devote a lot of time and energy to my girlfriend’s blog, which has since merged with New Man Arms. Just to be clear, affiliate links appear in some articles on, which means I get a cut of any sales made via my links. In other words, buying through the site’s links helps it.

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