Made Aggressive Acne Go Away – This Is How You Eat Healthier

Live Better

According to the National Board of Health, one in three people has a chronic disease caused by a modern, comfortable, but unhealthy lifestyle. Several experts believe that society still prioritizes medical treatment over lifestyle changes. Pia Norup, MD.

– We are not trained to think about diet and exercise, she claims.

With the right diet and exercise plan, Pia Norup says, you can improve your health and quality of life. Far too many people, even if it’s just a daily walk.

Eat Better for Better Skin

Nina Lykke Frandsen’s illness did not endanger her life, but it diminished her quality of life. Maybe the acne flared up because she stopped taking birth control pills. Maybe it was all the chemicals in her hair salon. Maybe a tertiary

But surely Nina Lykke Frandsen for rolling TV cameras ate herself to a skin free of acne in just 12 weeks. Especially vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids from fish, roe, shellfish, seeds, and nuts.

Nina’s Rules

Nina’s diet was mostly healthy, but she indulged in sweets and alcohol at night. Sugar may have aggravated Nina’s acne, so she should cut back.

  1. More vitamin A, like daily cod liver oil and liver recipes.
  2. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, found in avocado, fish, pumpkin seeds, olives, nuts, chia, flax and hemp seeds.
  3. Fruit and veg more. Yellow, red, and orange fruits contain beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A.
  4. Gluten was also removed when Nina’s blood tests revealed she was gluten intolerant.
  5. Nina Lykke Frandsen also had to avoid gluten because her blood test showed she was gluten intolerant. It also made a big difference.

Live Anew

Nina Lykke Frandsen has continued her new lifestyle since the TV 2 program ‘Can you eat healthy?’ ended a year ago. A new education and four to five times a week crossfit have helped to heal the disease’s scars. After many inquiries about her course, she recently launched a YouTube channel where she shares her story and new lifestyle.

From Makeup to Cod Liver Oil

Nina Lykke Frandsen used to spend a fortune on treatments and cosmetics. Her daily dose of cod liver oil, millet porridge with flaxseed and evening primrose oil for breakfast, and gluten-free diet have helped her.

The menu includes fish and vegetables, but Nina Lykke Frandsen is reluctant to appear saved, so the cure slips. During Christmas and New Year.

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