Do You Want to Be Healthier? Here Are 10 Tips for Success

They Own the Project

It’s about making it his own. For most people, lasting change occurs only when a project becomes their own, rather than someone else’s. Several previous ‘Can you eat healthily?’ participants say taking control of their lifestyle has worked well. Find your recipes, training plans, and helpers.

My diet changed after the program. So I’ve been a vegetarian for a year, and a vegan for six months. Former participant Signe Platz says she has been drug and symptom-free for years.

Real Motivation is Found

Weight loss can be difficult to motivate. It takes on a new meaning when something tangible is at stake. So successful people have studied what motivates them long term. Find a good reason. It all started when I looked away from my navel and at my grandson. I would have to intervene if I saw him grow up, says former participant Ernst Brandstrup.

They Make It Concrete and Break It Down

Changing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming at first. Consider starting a diet or exercise program for the first time. It makes starting easier. A 14-day fixed diet plan may be more profitable to find new material – or at least return to the first dish, says former participant Brian Clemmesen.

They Make Sure Someone Supports and Encourages Them

For many, family and friend support is vital to a successful lifestyle change. Support is required in times of crisis. Having a running partner in my cooperative helps me get going on a cold rainy night, says former participant Lene Tetzlaff. In the winter, my son and I go to the gym. Then we do some strength training. My family also gave me a spinning bike for Christmas. It’s good to know, says former participant Ernst Brandstrup.

He also encourages coworkers, neighbors, and friends to congratulate others on their achievements.

Instead of Deprivation, They Focus on Change

The brain is wired to seek out rewards and avoid punishment. Focusing on the positive effect makes the path to success easier. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. In addition to being healthy, former participant Ernst Brandstrup says he wakes up every day feeling happy and refreshed after a seven-hour sleep.

They Accept Failure and Get Back on the Horse Quickly

Making mistakes is unavoidable. Instead of getting annoyed, people make a plan to get back on track. How long you lie down matters more than how many times you fall.

Of course, I slip. A cake for my grandson’s christening or a spoonful of sauce for Christmas. But doing it in one day produces nothing. Then something happens, says former participant Ernst Brandstrup. I feel better when I get back on track and follow my new lifestyle to the letter. It’s good motivation, says former participant Susanne Abildgaard.

A Personal Strategy

A successful new lifestyle is aware of how it fails rather than if it fails. That’s why it’s critical to develop a strategy that works for you. If you are a B-person who is always rushing out the door, you are unlikely to lubricate the packed lunch in the morning. Find another way to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine.

– I’m lazy and work with the microwave. So I make five or six different soups or vegetable dishes that I can easily reheat. Making a big portion takes less time than making a few small ones, says former participant Ernst Brandstrup

When he leaves his son with a scout or takes a break from work, he walks in the woods or around the office.

They Focus on One Thing at a Time

One focus area at a time for successful people. It facilitates progress. Instead of doing everything at once, try quitting smoking, getting more exercise, or eating better. I began by making my breakfast. Then I started taking small walks and slowly connected more things, says Nina Frandsen, a former participant.

Assuring That the Goals Are Attainable

To be successful, you need an ambitious but achievable goal. So you can keep improving what works while also having a successful track record to fall back on. I signed up for the Royal Run to walk 1 mile (1.6 km), but discovered during training that I could walk 10 km. Among other things, I’ve run a Half Marathon (21.1 km, ed.), Ex-participant Ernst Brandstrup says

They Remember to Rejoice When They Succeed

They change lives while remembering to have fun. Remember to celebrate yourself as you embark on a new lifestyle. I recommend complimenting yourself and encouraging yourself as you would a friend. Susanne Abildgaard, a former participant, advises rewarding yourself along the way. Remind yourself why you’re trying to change your lifestyle – and whether you’re willing to pay any price.

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