The Pie Room

The Newman Arms restaurant is a family run establishment which specialises in two of the essential comforts in life – Pies and Pints.

Our speciality here at the Newman Arms restaurant is our delicious Home-baked Pies, prepared freshly everyday using only the finest seasonal ingredients. Every day, we have our seven favourite pies on the menu plus a variety of specials that change seasonally. In the spring and summer, we opt for lighter fillings such as mouth-watering chicken and asparagus, while during the cold winter months, we bake our pies using comforting fillings such as tasty game, or fillings with a bit more spice which are sure to warm you up.

We try our best to use as many organic ingredients as possible but one thing we are adamant about is sourcing our ingredients from small suppliers who care as much about the quality of their produce as we do. All our succulent mutton and lamb comes from our suppliers in Shropshire, our poultry from Suffolk, our beef from a farm in Buckinghamshire and our fish is from Billingsgate, ensuring only the freshest, seasonal fish is used in our pies. We purchase all our vegetables from a local outlet, and sometimes we even receive beautiful fruit and vegetables from our regular customers who grow them locally in their allotments. The traceability that comes with all our ingredients means that you can sit back, relax and relish your pie, made fresh just for you.

Our pie room can get quite busy, so just in case we run out of your favourite filling, call us in advance to request what you would like in your pie. That way, you will never be disappointed when you visit us here at the Newman Arms Pie Room.

When you have finished the heavenly combination of a freshly baked pie and a refreshing pint, we will tempt you with a selection of scrumptious puddings. The most popular being Treacle Sponge served with lashings of thick custard – the ultimate culinary treat!

Although this is not a meal for slimmers, we can guarantee that by having a pie and a pudding, you will be getting your all important five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, which is recommended by nutritionists nationwide.

And the odd pint, well it adds to the feel-good factor in life – also an important element to general wellbeing! So go ahead and treat yourself to the essential pie and pint at the Newman Arms and you most certainly will not be disappointed.

We also have a small selection of unique wines for sale in the restaurant. Currently our house wines include a beautiful robust Cabernet Sauvignon and a rich yet fresh Piemonte Cortese, both sourced from a small producer. These enchanting bottles of wine are only £12.00 each and once you try them, we know you’ll agree that they are remarkable value.